VPC Superfloors: Trusted Flooring Experts in Gauteng

VPC Superfloors provides high-quality flooring solutions for homes and businesses in Gauteng. Get expert advice on epoxy, polished concrete, wood, laminate, polyurethane, cementitious screed floors and more!

Address: Plot 348, Graham Road, Tiegerpoort, Pretoria, 0081, South Africa

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Polished Concrete

Material: Concrete

Description: Smooth and glossy surface achieved by grinding and polishing concrete surfaces.

Epoxy Floors

Material: Epoxy

Description: Seamless, durable, and easy-to-clean flooring solution with various color and texture options.

Highbuild Epoxy Floors

Material: Epoxy

Description: Thick, high-performance epoxy flooring system ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

Polyurethane Floors

Material: Polyurethane

Description: Durable, chemical-resistant flooring option suitable for high-traffic areas.

Cementitious Screed Floors

Material: Cement

Description: Smooth and seamless cement-based flooring with excellent durability and resistance to wear.

Laminate Floors

Material: Laminate

Description: Affordable and versatile flooring option available in a wide range of designs and styles.

Wooden Floors

Material: Wood

Description: Warm, natural flooring option offering timeless beauty and elegance.

VPC Superfloors: Trusted Flooring Experts in Gauteng
Plot 348, Graham Road, Tiegerpoort, Gauteng, 0081, South Africa
+27-82-890-2470 pieter@vpconsulting.co.za

VPC Superfloors: Trusted flooring experts in Gauteng

Trusted flooring experts in Gauteng offering high-quality flooring solutions.

Address: Plot 348, Graham Road, Tiegerpoort, Pretoria, 0081, South Africa

Contact: +27 82 890 2470

Email: pieter@vpconsulting.co.za

Website: www.vpconsulting.co.za

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:00am to 17:00pm

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Flooring Solutions


List Of Trending Flooring Services

Concrete Floor Repairs

Mechanical Concrete Grinding

Concrete Polishing

Wooden Floor Sanding

Powerfloat Concrete Polishing

Floor Joint Repairs

Concrete Floor Levelling

Carpet Adhesive Removal

Tile Adhesive Removal

Mechanical Floor Preparation

Concrete Crack Repairs

Epoxy Coat Removal

Vinyl Floor Removal



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Commercial White Boxing

Demolition Services

Project Management

Turnkey Projects

Home Renovations

New Builds

Business Renovations

Building Additions



List Of Turn Key Architectural Services

Architectural Designs

Interior Design

Residential Additions Design

Residential Alteration Design

Space Planning

Furniture Design

Architectural Draughting

Local Authority Approval

Obtaining Fire Clearance Certificates

Obtaining Occupation Certificates

Project Management

Project Architect

Technical Services Co-ordination


About VPC

History & Knowledge

VPC is a multi-disciplined construction company, established in 2017 as a result of our founding member’s expertise and experience obtained during his prior 25-year professional career within the mega project environment, backed by post graduate studies and other tertiary qualifications.

Knowledge was obtained by learning from others during his tenure as metallurgical engineering and quantity surveying graduate student at the University of Pretoria, followed by actual experience gained from a professional career as quantity surveyor, engineering manager, project manager, commercial and ultimately project director for mega infrastructure projects within the public fund domain as well as private sector mining groups.

Knowledge is a theoretical attribute gained from academic studies, useful in a professional environment and a career acquiring operational experience, culminating into an expertise level that can now be applied to the benefit of our clients. There is no better learning school other than actual experience, based on a firm knowledge base leading to expert skills.

Co-Lab & Wrap

A significant contribution to our service capabilities and experience is our own in-house design professional, whom excelled in her studies as interior design graduate and later distinguished herself as a leading architect in the retail, residential and hospitality industry with no less than 20 years’ experience.

VPC’s combined capabilities which include architectural design, construction and project management, in addition to its capacity to apply various flooring finishes itself, provides the perfect envelope of services for our clients, from turnkey projects to single aspect services, as may be required.

The VPC team prides itself by having the knowledge and multiple years of professional experience, leading to an unparalleled level of expertise in the construction and project industry.

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Becoming a trustworthy household brand, based on professional honesty, reliability and quality.


Providing solutions and alternatives with expert professional advice and implementations, to any construction condition alike, albeit ordinary or challenging.

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